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Have you ever had to deal with (for example) an electrician or a plasterer in your local area? Usually absolute craftsmen! In one glance they see how they can provide the best quality solution and so achieve the most satisfactory outcome for you. These craftsmen do not necessarily always demonstrate excellent communication, accurate and timely information providing or really focus on customer needs. They are not really to blame, for their actual job is to run a craft. In the eyes of these craftsmen, communication is often a necessary evil that takes a lot of precious time and that distracts them from their core business: creating!

And that is where AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands comes in handy
AGS Netherlands is a true knowledge center for moving and everything related to it. In addition to our own, highly motivated group of the very best move masters we have in the Netherlands, we also have a (deployable at any time) group of moving partners gathered around us. Talented local movers and moving companies that concentrate on their craft. Their knowledge and experience is translated into communication and advice by our office staff and allows us to manage your removal from A to Z in the most professional manner.

This creates serious added value during your move and when you can look beyond the color of another removal van in front of your door instead of our trusted signature color, then you have already selected the best solution for your move.

What we have achieved for you since the year 2010?
Due to our company’s popularity and recognized quality we structurally receive more requests for moving services than can be handled by our own group of move masters. Instead of disappointing our valued customers when our own capacity is no longer sufficient, we have developed a concept which allows us to always say YES to a removal order.

In 2010 we started to open our doors to train and partner with the best movers in the Netherlands and of course the rest of the world. We literally got in the car or plane and searched for the top of the industry. These local movers, including a group of highly motivated freelancers (but originally trained removal specialists) we took under our wings. Through years of consistent brushing and scraping the quality, we now have the largest network of absolute craftsmen worldwide. This network contributes seriously to our excellent reputation.

AGS Netherlands is 100% independent and for your move we always select the best movers and relocation partners. The most important drivers for us are quality, cost, speed, flexibility and compliance. Like our clients, we always demand the best ‘value for money’ throughout our whole supply chain.

Benefits for you
you save on mover’s travel costs due to local hiring
you always get the best movers available
loss or damage numbers dropped with 10%
craftsmen who solely concentrate on what they do best
when you book in time we never sell NO
local movers are trained by our move masters
the average quality of movers in the Netherlands is increasing
worldwide connections through one of the most experienced removal companies in Netherlands
local knowledge and quality but competitive rates by purchasing advantage
to the bone motivated and well-trained specialists in our office that are always in control and directing your move

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