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Moving Day Tips

The day of your move is approaching and we are well aware how busy this period is for you and your family. Knowing you already have enough on your mind we have made a list of practical tips to ensure that on the day when we come to pack your belongings, things can progress as efficiently as possible.


If there are usually cars parked in front of your door during the daytime it would be much appreciated when you try to arrange with the neighbors to leave a space open for the removal van.


When you live in an apartment building we advise you to inform the caretaker about your removal date(s), with regard to the occupation of the inside elevator. We also have postcards that you can use to inform the other inhabitants about your upcoming move.


If there is a hoist loft in your home that is to be used during the move, please ensure that it is accessible on the day of the move.

What should you keep separate?

Before the movers start packing please make sure you have put aside items that should not be included in the move such as passports, tickets, drivers licence, medical files, bank & insurance papers, marriage certificate etc. as well as jewelry, other valuables and things that are needed up to the last moment such as e.g. toilet articles, special toys etc.

Dangerous goods

The following dangerous goods can not be included in your shipment. Please remove them before the removal date: Combustible liquids (alcohols, lubrificants, anti freeze compounds and cleaners (spot clothing and office machines), flammables (lighter fluids, matches, lamp oil, wood oil/stains, glues and adhesives, paint and varnish, gas cans, charcoal/briquettes, butane/propane/petrol/oil and petrochemical based garden sprays) corrosives (acids, drain cleaners, bleach, batteries wet or dry, iron/steel rust preventing compounds and water purifying agents such as those mostly used in swimming pools, compressed gasses (aerosol cans, fire extinguishers and scuba diving tanks) and – explosives (fireworks, flash bulbs and small arms ammunition).

Food and alcohol beverages

Please do not ship or store perishable foods or open bottles. Check the import regulations applicable to your country of destination on the latest rules on food and alcoholic beverages.

What can you do in advance?

If you have more than one shipment for example air and sea, or sea and storage, it is very helpful if you can sort out the different items in advance. The larger items can be labelled with a sticker air/sea/storage/ “not going”. If you do not have enough stickers please give us a call. For smaller items that are to be packed in boxes it is helpful when they are separated from each other in such a way that a mix up can be easily avoided.

Floor coverings, items attached to the ceiling or walls

If you are taking fitted carpets or other floor coverings with you, please ensure they have been(professionally) unfastened before our packers arrive. Lamps should be taken off the ceilings before the removal unless they need special care by our removal crew (like a crystal chandelier). Fixed wall decorations should be taken off beforehand. Other paintings or pictures can be left on the walls. The movers will take those off the walls for packing.

Gas appliances

These appliances should be disconnected and the gas pipes should be shut off according to municipal regulations before the removal date.


Do not forget to turn these off on time. A safe margin is 48 hours in advance. In order to prevent mildew please make sure that both the inside and outside are cleaned and dried thoroughly. Do not forget the filters and treat the rubber parts and hoses with talcum powder against drying up. It is recommended to place moist absorbing materials in the appliances e.g. tights with kitty litter or grinded coffee. Also other kitchen appliances as ovens, microwaves, frying pans, toaster etc. should be cleaned thoroughly before shipping/storing.

Washing machine/dishwasher

After use about 2 litres of water remains behind in the filter holder. For this reason the holder must be emptied and dried at the latest the evening before the removal date. Although our packers can secure the drum of the washer with packing material it is better when the original clamp is in place on the removal date. If your washer is connected by means of a permanent electrical connection, we recommend that you have electrician disconnect the switch. Also treat the rubber ring of the washing machine with talcum powder to protect it from drying out.

Computer and other electrical appliances

If you still have the original boxes for your equipment it is advisable to use these again. For computer equipment, stereo sets and television please follow the instructions in the manual about transportation. We recommend that you disconnect all equipment yourself before the removal and label the cords so reconnecting at destination will be easy. Remove batteries from electrical appliances. Batteries are considered dangerous goods.


AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands can arrange the emptying of your waterbed at origin. Depending on the type of bed you have we either do it ourselves or have a professional company do the job. Another option is that you contact the supplier of your bed. This also has to do with insurance purposes if the bed is still under guarantee. In many cases the supplier will empty the bed themselves so that the insurance/guarantee continues.

Bicycles, garden equipment, barbecue, flower pots, golf sets, etc

Above items are of interest of quarantine inspections. Please make sure that they are cleaned thoroughly so that all soil and other dirt are removed. This is to prevent problems at destination. Please make sure if you cleaned your golf clubs not to forget your golf shoes.

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