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Revolutionising Online Shopping: A Deep Dive into AGS Global Solutions’ ShopnShip Service

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For many in the Dutch Antilles, the challenges of international online shopping, such as high shipping costs and unreliable deliveries, make it seem like a privilege reserved for those on the mainland. But not anymore. With the ShopnShip service, AGS Global Solutions is on a mission to give island residents the full European online shopping experience.


How ShopnShip works

Discover the Benefits of AGS Global Solutions' ShopnShip Service ShopnShip is a logistics service that provides fast, reliable, and cost-effective shipping solutions for customers based in the Dutch Antilles who are looking to purchase from European online retailers. With a focus on simplifying the buying process and ensuring the safe arrival of goods, ShopnShip acts not only as a bridge between regions but as a trusted ally for consumers.

Here is how it works, step by step:

  1. Choose your items:

Visit your preferred online shop and add the product(s) you wish to purchase to your shopping cart. Be sure to take a screenshot (jpg or png format) that clearly shows the complete contents of your cart, including the quantity of each item.

  1. Place your ShopnShip order:

Visit https://www.khz-movers.com/en/shopnship/ and fill out the quote form provided.

  1. Upload your screenshot:

Upload the screenshot of your shopping cart that you took earlier. It’s important that this image clearly displays the quantity of each item in your basket.

  1. Receive and approve your quote:

You will soon receive a detailed quote via email outlining the shipping costs for your items. This quote is free! If you agree with the quotation, proceed to make the payment.

  1. Complete your purchase:

Return to the online shop’s website and finalise your purchase. Arrange for the items to be delivered to AGS Global Solutions’ Netherlands warehouse at the following address:

Your name and quote number

c/o AGS Global Solutions – Netherlands

A.van Leewenhoekweg 50

2408 AN Alphen aan den Rijn

  1. Specify delivery address and await shipment:

Once we’ve received both your purchased items and your payment, we’ll ask you for your final delivery address and get to work preparing your items for shipment.

Depending on the regulations for the category of goods you’ve purchased, customs duties can vary from 9% to 27% of the total value of your goods. There is also a standard tax fee of 9%.

Once the customs declaration for your purchase has been finalised, the customs office on the island will send you a payment order which you can pay directly at their offices. Once the customs have been paid, your goods will be delivered.


The benefits of ShopnShip

Experience Convenient Shopping with ShopnShip
ShopnShip offers a multitude of benefits that address the pain points commonly encountered when islanders shop online.

A solution to the high cost of global shipping

By consolidating orders from multiple customers into a single shipment, ShopnShip allows you to save significantly on shipping fees. The service also leverages bulk shipping deals, passing on further savings to the end customer.

Convenience at every step

Starting from a single delivery address in Europe for all your purchases, all the way through to delivery to your door in the Antilles, the entire ShopnShip experience is streamlined, making international shopping as easy as buying at your local store.

Access to a wider range of European products

With ShopnShip, you gain instant access to the vast array of products available online in Europe. Shop at high-street fashion and luxury brands, get the latest in flatpack furniture, or indulge in tech gadgets that might not be available locally.

Trust and reliability

AGS Global Solutions’ sterling reputation in the field of mobility and shipping is carried into the ShopnShip service. With their successful track record of many decades and FIDI FAIM certification, you can shop with confidence, knowing your purchases are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Experience borderless shopping with ShopnShip and sample the vast array of European products from your island in the sun. Get your free quote with AGS Global Solutions Netherlands today

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